DJI Inspire 2 - S1 / S2 / S3 Approval pack

Essential for your professional services, our S1/S2/S3 approval pack allows you to upgrade your DJI Inspire 2 to a DGAC approved S1/S2/S3 drone.

This pack includes the IDRsys parachute for DJI Inspire 2 with FTS and audible alarm, the assembly of the IDRsys FTS module on the Inspire 2 drone and the S1/S2/S3 approval documents.


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The electronic module, located on the right carbon tube (looking at the drone from the front) contains the system's dedicated electronics, the wireless communication module and a power supply battery independent of the drone's battery. This module has an ignition button, located on the top next to the antenna, a USB port for recharging the system's battery and an indicator LED on the right side. The CO2 module, located on the left carbon tube, contains the trigger system.

The two modules are connected by a flat cable and a black quick connector, this cable must not be disconnected once the parachute is installed.

The remote control module consists of a red adhesive base, an oval ignition button on the back, a triangular parachute release button, an indicator LED, three white battery level LEDs, an extension port on the left side and a USB port on the right side for recharging.

Each carbon ejector tube contains a parachute canopy and the ejection system for the canopy. A quick hand attachment system allows it to be fitted to either arm of the Inspire 2. They are connected by two flexible high pressure lines and must not be detached under any circumstances.

The FTS & alarm module, installed under the drone, contains the engine cut-off system in case of parachute activation and the 100 db audible alarm. It is connected to the electronic module by a flat cable and a red quick connector, this cable must not be disconnected once the parachute is installed.

S1 / S2 / S3 homologation documents include:

  • type design certificate
  • the certificate of conformity to type
  • the use and maintenance manual

The assembly is carried out by us in our workshops located in Remiremont. 

ATTENTION: the transport costs of your material are at your charge.

Homologation I2 + Montage I2 + IDRsys I2

Data sheet

Total weight
450 g (incl. cartridge)
Ejection device
12g CO2 cartridge
Minimum height of efficiency
From 12 m
Wireless radio communication
SRD860 avec clé cryptée
Radio range
Up to 1500 m
Parachute / radio autonomy
Infinite (recharged by the drone) / 10 h
Ground impact energy
Less than 69 Joules
Operating temperature
-15 à 40°C