Zéphyr CC ESC circuit breaker

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The universal 8-way circuit breaker system : CC ESC, CC ESC MF and CC ESC MM has a dedicated radio control, unlimited autonomy and is S2 homologation compliant.

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Characteristics : 

  • unlimited autonomy
  • radio autonomy : 10 h 
  • integrated logs
  • SRD 869 Mhz radio protocol encrypted
  • weight : 7 to 9 g

Zéphyr CC ESC circuit breakers can be customized on request from 10 units. 

Possible options : 

  • long range : external antennas with range up to 12 km
  • RC input : implementation of a PWM pilot input 
  • buzzer output : installation of a 24 V buzzer output
  • PWM output : implementation of a PWM output
  • without box : bare version to be integrated on ground station 
  • long autonomy : radio with extended autonomy to 30 hours
Zéphyr CC ESC
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Data sheet

Wireless radio communication
SRD860 avec clé cryptée
Radio range
Up to 1500 m
Operating temperature
-15 à 40°C
Circuit breaker module weight
7 g
Radio autonomy
10 h