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Additional security for trigger remote control



Some drone flight missions are more dangerous and require more concentration than others. For these missions, the new Kronos trigger remote control is your best ally.


The Klick + additional trigger remote control offers a means of remote triggering with enhanced security. Connected directly to the main remote control, Klick + helps you avoid unwanted triggers.


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What communication system is used to communicate between the parachute (or FTS) and the trigger remote control ?

The long range communication system between the radio and the parachute or FTS is based on advanced technology and LoRa modulation. Its range reaches 5 km in optimal conditions and a long range option allows to exceed 10 km.

The communication protocol is based on 869 MHz frequencies, free of authorisation (433 and 915 MHz options available). A 128-bit encryption ensures that the data is not intercepted and the user is warned if the communication is disturbed.

Can there be an unwanted triggering due to jamming or something else?

No, all data is encrypted. Only in the extreme case of a hacker attack would the system be triggered.