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The CO2 ejection system in Dronavia parachutes has been tried and tested and used by the majority of French & European drone pilots for over 5 years. Numerous tests and successive improvements have taken this system to levels of reliability never before achieved on a drone parachute.

Only cartridges officially sold by Dronavia may be used, as they are subject to specific checks. Dronavia disclaims all responsibility and voids the warranty if any other type of CO2 cartridge is used.

System deployment

Pressurised gas (60 bars!) is released in a fraction of a second to propel the parachute canopy out of its container. The excess gas released (each cartridge contains several dozen litres) is used to accelerate canopy deployment and minimise altitude loss when the parachute is triggered.

Travel with our CO2 cartridges

Most airlines offer the option of putting your CO2 gas cartridge in the hold or in the cabin. You can travel and carry out your missions abroad with ease.