take-off authorized for 2024 with Kronos systems

By 2035, there will be more than 400,000 professional drones registered with EASA – the European Union’s aviation safety agency – and more than 70% of flights will be out-of-sight (BVLOS). To be a key actor in this transition and meet the essential challenges of securing low-altitude airspace, particularly in urban environments, Dronavia is proud to launch its new range of safety accessories for professional drones, named Kronos.

Introducing the Kronos range

The result of more than 8 years of research and innovation, the Kronos range is designed to offer professional drone operators safety solutions that are quick to implement, easy to re-use with POD system and comply with the latest European standards published by the EASA (C5 accessories kit / MOC 2512 (M2) / MOC 2511).

The new Kronos range includes several Parachute Recovery System (PRS) and Flight Termination System (FTS) available for the DJI Inspire 3, Matrice 350/300, DJI Mavic 3 and soon the DJI Matrice 30 drones.

Paired together, these systems shut down the drone’s engines before slowing its falling speed for reducing its energy on impact, in the event of a problem such as severe weather conditions, radio transmission failure, technical failure of the propulsion system, or loss of GPS signal.

C5 accessories kits PRS-FTS-MOC Kronos AD Inspire 3 and PRS-FTS-MOC Kronos AD Matrice 350 allow direct conversion by the operator from original class C3 to class C5 for both DJI Inspire 3 and DJI Matrice 350. PRS-FTS-MOC Kronos AD Mavic 3 allow workshop C5 conversion of all Mavic 3 Enterprise/Pro/Pro Cine drones to the C5 class.

Thought for the law

With the launch of this new range, Dronavia is proud to be the first manufacturer to supply safety systems that can obtain the European C5 class label and comply with MoC Light-UAS.2512 (M2) & MoC Light-UAS.2511. This label and these compliances are essentials requirements for drone operators wishing to perform STS-01 (visual flight in populated areas) flight operations or when elaborating a SORA (Special Operations Risk Assessment) or a PDRA (Pre-Defined Risk Assessment) in order to unlock even more complex flight missions.

To achieve this compliance, Dronavia had to carry out numerous tests based on precise specifications provided by EASA and produce several detailed test reports.

Thought for professional DRONE operators

The Kronos systems (PRS & FTS) are easy to install (plug & play), taking less than 2 minutes for drone operators. They’re lightweight and offer unlimited autonomy when linked to the drone, accompanying operators throughout missions without affecting flight performance. These Kronos accessories activate automatically upon drone startup due to their unique take-off detection tech.

Featuring new autonomous deployment, the Kronos Parachute Recovery Systems and Flight Termination Systems can activate in under 0.27 seconds in case of issues, a significant improvement from the human activation time of 3 seconds. This drastically reduces the drone’s impact energy (21 J compared to more than 5000 J without parachute at 120 m height for the Kronos I3 system for DJI Inspire 3).

Additionally, Dronavia introduces its new POD system integrated into Kronos parachute systems. Post-parachute deployment, operators simply replace their used POD with a new one, ensuring a swift rearming process and enabling safe takeoff within minutes, preserving their flying missions.

This new Kronos safety accessory range seamlessly integrates with all existing Geocaging solutions offered by Dronavia, providing operators the choice of an additional layer of automatic safety.


DJI Inspire 3


DJI Matrice 350/300


DJI Matrice 30


DJI Mavic 3

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