Fly ID update available: Get remote dual identification (FR/EU)

How can I update my Fly ID system from my web interface?

Since 1 January 2024, direct remote identification systems have been mandatory in Europe, in accordance with European regulations (EN 4709-002) published by the EASA. However, France also has its own specific regulations. Since 2019, the French aviation authority (DGAC) has required all professional remote pilots with a drone weighing more than 800 grams to be equipped with a remote electronic signalling system (FR).

To make sure you’re flying legally, Dronavia offers remote pilots the chance to update their Fly ID system with both a remote electronic reporting system (FR) and a remote direct identification system (EU). Find out here how to update your Fly ID system from its web interface.

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Before updating your system, you need to download the file (.bin). To do this, go to the Fly ID, Fly ID Pro and Fly ID Light product pages. Choose the software version you want, then click on download.

how do I update via the web interface?

1. Connect to the web interface of your Fly ID system. The procedure is detailed in your user manual.

2. Click on the “Update” button, then select the file (.bin) to be uploaded.

3. click on “Update” to confirm the update.

4. Whenever you modify or save a parameter from the Fly ID system web interface, you must restart the system so that your changes are taken into account.

5. After restarting, your Fly ID system is updated.

Table showing the use of a Remote ID system with a city in the background.



For pilots wishing to revert to the Europe-only version, it couldn’t be simpler: follow the same steps with the file (.bin) from your web interface and quickly switch back to the Europe-only version.

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