New Kronos Recovery Parachute System (PRS) compliant with EASA MOC M2 available

MOC2511  : all about the new EASA compliance

In 2023, Dronavia is determined to offer even greater safety to professional drone operators, in particular by anticipating future European regulations. Since January 1st, a new certification has been published by the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), it concerns the use of an Flight Termination System (FTS) for drones performing specific missions: the MOC2511 compliance.

What is the MOC2511 ?

An MoC is a way for professional drone operators to demonstrate that they comply with the regulations and standards that apply to their activities and to guarantee the quality and safety of the products they use. To obtain it, it is necessary to meet the current regulatory requirements published by EASA, the European Aviation Safety Authority. The MOC2511 is a document focusing on the adoption of an autonomous Flight Termination System( FTS), allowing the drone to avoid leaving the ground risk buffer zone during specific flight missions.

“A Flight Termination System (FTS) is a system which upon its triggering terminates the flight. By its nature this is an emergency measure, not a contingency measure. Its scope is to ensure that an UAS out of control will not breach into adjacent areas with undefined trajectory but, instead and preferably, is terminated, and its crash / debris areas will be strictly kept within the ground risk buffer.”

What are the benefits of MOC2511?

To obtain a Specific Operation Risk Assessment (SORA) or Pre-Defined Risk Assessment (PDRA) , a drone operator must demonstrate that it has adequate risk management and safety measures in place for its special operations and that it is capable of complying with applicable aviation safety regulatory requirements.

For the Flight Termination System (FTS) section these requirements are specified in Step 9 of the SORA which addresses the risk of loss of control of the aircraft and flight into adjacent areas where the risk to third parties (on the ground or in the air) may be higher. If the aircraft is not adequately designed, there are likely to be reasons for the aircraft to leave the area of operation. The operator must take into account the criteria for adjacent areas and determine the level of containment (standard or enhanced) for the aircraft in question. For any enhanced containment system, the operator must:

“declare compliance with the provisions of “Means of Compliance with Light UAS.2511 – Enhanced Containment”, or provide evidence of such compliance (technical description, test reports, etc.) when applying for a permit. “

With MOC2511 compliance, a drone operator is therefore able to prove that they have the best risk management and safety measures in place, these steps will then be simplified in order to obtain an SORA / PDRA and be able to carry out their flight mission legally.

MOC2511 compliance for DJI Matrice 30, 350 and Inspire 3

Dronavia is proud to be the first manufacturer to supply a system compliant with EASA’s MoC Light-UAS.2511.01, an essential requirement for obtaining an SORA or PDRA. Indeed, Dronavia has made its external Flight Termination Systems (FTS) for the DJI Matrice 30, DJI Matrice 300/350 and DJI Inspire 3: Zephyr CC M30, Kronos M350/300, Kronos I3 compliant with EASA standards.

In order to obtain this compliance, Dronavia had to meet the precise specifications imposed by the EASA and had to carry out numerous series of compliance tests. This compliance has enabled the activation distance of FTS to be increased to 3 kilometres. Lightweight, easy to use, reliable and EASA compliant, our Flight Termination System (FTS) will allow you to fly legally and safely.


Kronos & Zephyr Flight Termination Systems (FTS) MOC2511 compliant are safety devices that, under certain conditions, prevent the equipped drone from leaving its regulatory flight envelope by cutting off the drone’s power supply, using the dedicated autonomous triggering remote control.


The Zephyr CC & ScaleFlyt Geocaging FTS module MOC2511 compliant, allows you to create a virtual cage representing the flight area of your drone in order to fly your missions in complete serenity.

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